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TEAM EVENT     –     TOP GUN     –     TOP SNIPER

The 2017 SWAT Shootout was a success. 44 SWAT members attend in 11 teams on took on 7 challenging and dynamic courses of fire to test their marksmanship and strategy against other teams.

After the dust settled, Minneapolis Police SWAT Team 2 took 1st Place in the Team Event, narrowly beating out West Metro SWAT (2nd Place) and St Paul Police SWAT (3rd Place).

One of the stages was an individual marksmanship course of fire pitting everyone against each other for the Top Gunner Award. Jeff Whitbeck of St Paul Police SWAT came out as the Top Gunner, followed by Matt Beckman of Chisago County Sheriff SWAT and Tony Caspers of Minneapolis Police SWAT Team 2.

Another stage was a sniper challenge course of fire where the designated marskman of each team had to compete against each other. Matt Beckman of Chisago County Sheriff SWAT came out as the Top Sniper, followed by Chris Cazin of West Metro SWAT and Lance Christianson of St Paul Police SWAT.

Huge thanks to the Forest Lake Sportsmens Club for hosting the event and Friends of SWAT MN for providing the beer and pizza for the social hour. Special thanks to Ron Westberg and Dawn Westberg for cooking lunch for everyone and for helping with the match, and to Tim Ubl and Taccom, LLC for the awesome trophies.

Also a huge thanks to our volunteer match staff: Chris Cazin, Griffin Hillbo, Nathan Payne, Chris Oakley, Brent Faymoville, Eric Dison, Mark Peters, and Chris Smith.

Also big thanks to the Match Sponsors who generously provided products for the price table. There were a lot of prizes and every competitor was able to walk away with a prize.  The complete list of the match sponsors are listed on the Sponsor Page.