The 2018 SWAT SHOOTOUT presented by the Minnesota 3Gun Group will be held on May 5th and 6th, 2018 at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club and will feature 6 exciting and challenging stages.

The Minnesota 3Gun Group is operated by active law enforcement officers with SWAT experience, so you can expect your skills to be challenged and tested.  Sign up, shoot guns, hang out with shooters and win cool prizes.  More and more industry companies are signing on as sponsors and are donating numerous prizes.

The 2017 match was a success and we are excited for this year’s match.  We have a lot of things planned.  Watch our match website at www.SWATShootout.com for match updates, sponsors, and match rules.  Follow and like us on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SWATShootout and stay updated.

We look forward to seeing you at the match.

Jay Schmitt – Match Director & Sponsor Coordinator – jay.mn3gg@gmail.com

Jomar Villamor – Match Director & Registration Coordinator – jomar.mn3gg@gmail.com



Teams will consist of a 4-person team of trained tactical officers.  Each team member will be required to shoot a handgun and a rifle (rifle must be able to engage targets out to 100 yards).  One team member should be a designated marksman (does not need to be sniper trained, but should have the skill to shoot out to 400 yards with precision).

The match will consist of 6 courses of fire that will test the team members’ skills in strategy and marksmanship.   All are timed events and will require all team members to engage targets up to 100 yards out while completing a specific task.  The designated marksman of each team will be engaging targets up to 350 yards out.

One of the courses of fire will be both a team and an individual event.  Each team member will compete individually for the top gunner awards.  The individual scores of each team member will also be added together and will be their team’s score for that course of fire.

The basic firearm, ammunition, and equipment requirements are listed below.  The specific match rules will be posted soon.

Round count will also be posted as soon as the courses of fire are finalized.  Each team should plan to bring 1000 rounds of handgun ammunition, 1000 rounds of carbine ammunition, and 80 rounds of specialty rifle ammunition.  These are safe numbers and the final round count will not exceed these numbers.  It’s always better to bring extra ammunition for full spare mags and in the event of re-shoots.


Teams are responsible for providing their own weapons and ammunition.   Teams must use duty weapons authorized for carry and use on duty by their agency/department.   Each team member must have a handgun and carbine rifle.  Carbine rifle may be a sub gun (must be capable of engaging targets up to 100 yards out).  Race guns, special competition weapons and weapons modified for competition only are not permitted to be alternatives for the duty weapons.  Handgun and sub gun caliber requirement is 9mm minimum to .45 ACP maximum.  Carbine caliber requirement is .223 Remington minimum to .308 Winchester maximum.

The designated marksman of each team can bring an additional/optional specialty rifle for long range multi target engagements.  The caliber of the specialty rifle must be between a .223 Remington and .300 Win Mag.

Each team must also provide at least one breaching shotgun with 20 breaching rounds.

No tracer, incendiary, armor piercing or steel core ammunition is allowed. If your ammo sticks to a magnet, don’t bring it.  Teams using unauthorized ammunition will be disqualified and financially liable for the replacement costs of the damaged equipment and targets.

Teams must submit the type and caliber of the weapons they will use upon registration check-in.  Once submitted, teams are not allowed to change their weapons for the duration of the match.  Teams must permit weapon inspections as requested by SWAT Shootout Match Officials before weapons can be used in competition and at any time during the match. The final decision on weapons and ammunition resides with SWAT Shootout Match Officials. Teams with questions concerning their weapons or ammunition should consult with SWAT Shootout Match Officials before the competition to avoid problems.


All team members must wear tactical BDU-style uniform, body armor, and helmet at all times during the courses of fire.  The body armor shall have/be rifle rated heavy ballistic plates in both front and back protection.   The helmets must be ballistic helmets.  Eyes and ears protections are mandatory.  Each team member must also have a functioning gas mask.

Rifle slings are required and must have the rifle muzzle pointed downward when slung.  Handgun holsters and magazine pouches are also required.  All team members must have all the firearms, magazines, and other equipment on their persons.

Each team will also need breaching tools.  Teams may bring their own set, or use a standard set of breaching tools (ram and hallagan tool) available for use by any teams.


This event will be held at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club. The address is 4648 240th Street North, Forest Lake, MN 55025. Go to Gate 3 which is east on 240th Street from the main clubhouse at Gate 2. Registration check-in will be at the pole barn.

On Saturday May 5th, we will get started at 0700 hours with registration check-in and match briefing. Teams can look at the courses of fire before the shooting commences at 0900 hours. At 1600 hours, we will have a social gathering where pizza and beer will be provided.

On Sunday May 6th, the match will resume at 0800 hours. We expect to have it completed by noon and we will have the awards presentation right after.