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The Minnesota 3 Gun Group (MN3GG) is a shooting competition and organization body. It is known for operating efficient 3 gun and tactical shotgun matches, including the Nordic Components & Vortex Optics Tri-Gun which is known for being a premier match that sold out in less than 5 minutes of opening registrations.

The MN3GG crew is composed of Jay Schmitt, Jomar Villamor, and Chris Cazin. All are Law Enforcement Officers having 18+ years of policing under their duty belts. Jay and Jomar are with the Minneapolis Police Department; Chris Cazin is with the New Hope Police Department. All 3 have also served in the capacity of SWAT Officers and are also tasked as Firearms Instructors who train in multiple firearms.

MN3GG understands the training value that competition shooting provides for Law Enforcement Officers. MN3GG have strived to invite Law Enforcement Officers to their matches and training events. This year, MN3GG will take that to another level by hosting a SWAT Shootout at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club in Minnesota.